Nightmare On Wall Street

If you are our client--- the caption in this picture applies to you!!! If you are not, please call me so we can make this caption apply to you!

I read this article a few minutes ago and I wanted to get it out to you as quickly as possible.  During this time of global economic
instability/uncertainty many individuals are making decisions about their current portfolios.  I would be grateful for the opportunity to visit with you and show you how/why none of our clients are experiencing any losses now (or ever) due to the rollercoaster ride on Wall Street.

Please read this article and about mid-way down you will see the volatility in action as a chart shows the recent swings in the market.  As you enjoy retirement or consider retiring, I can imagine this type of volatility is not acceptable to you as you have worked hard your entire life to accumulate your nest egg.

In addition, I saw on the news last night an individual being interviewed and he said something to the effect, “the problem is… I don’t know where to put my money where it can be safe but still have the opportunity to grow”.  I wish there would have been a way for me to jump into the TV at that very moment and air my impromptu commercial because I would have said, “WE HAVE THAT STRATEGY—-don’t wait another minute, call my office and book an appointment to come in and learn about it”.

I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone make any radical decisions right now as it relates to their money.  However, the market is
a wicked place to be right now.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn how to utilize “Plan B” if your “Plan A” makes you even the least bit nervous?

Although the losses are referred to as “paper losses”, it is real money that is disappearing from your savings.  Did you work hard your entire life to experience any losses, paper or realized?  I invite you to come in and learn why our clients are protected from this Armageddon on Wall Street.  Whether or not you choose to implement the strategy is up to you—but, you will be better off by learning it now rather than having to invest in a parachute to slow this market free fall.


About Aaron J. Clark

I am a husband, dad, Kansas State Wildcat and most recently... marathoner!! I have been in the financial services industry since 2001. Being a private pension architect/retirement planning specialist, my passion is assisting individuals in optimizing their assets. If you knew that you could have safety, opportunity for growth and an income you could never outlive, wouldn't you want to know how?? That's exactly what my clients have and I invite you to learn this strategy!! View all posts by Aaron J. Clark

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